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Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
This Android smartphone sibling of the Xperia Arc is tiny, at just 111 x 53mm

Sony ericsson xperia ray review

If you're a big browser, then the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray gives you a full-blown internet device in your pocket at a size you'll barely notice. And we have to say the internet experience on the Ray is second to none.

Firstly, it comes with Flash integration (as do most Android handsets), so gets a massive plus from us and usurps handsets that retail for hundreds more pounds (*cough* iPhone and BlackBerry handsets *cough*). Videos on websites load without any hitch and pages appear blisteringly fast.

Sony ericsson xperia ray review

On Wi-Fi, the TechRadar home page loaded in full in five seconds and only took marginally longer over a 3G internet connection. It trumped our HTC Sensation, which was still playing catchup on page one by the time we'd already started reading our second page on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray.

Pages also look absolutely beautiful on the Xperia Ray's screen when they fill the whole screen.

To actually read anything, you obviously have to zoom in, so use pinch to zoom or double tap, which both work with no delay.

Sony ericsson xperia ray review

You'll struggle to see any pixilation even when zoomed in. This really is one of the top internet experiences we've had on a smartphone, and we found that loading speeds were on a par with some of those larger, dual-core smartphones.

The standard Android browser is used, so it supports multiple windows and bookmarks, which work as you'd expect.

Sony ericsson xperia ray review

We love the fact that you can change search engine (although this isn't restricted solely to the Xperia range) and that great Android function where you type whatever you like into the address bar and it automatically detects if it is a website or a search term.

We may have reservations about other areas, but when it comes to browsing, we were sold.