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Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman
The Java-based music feature phone comes in a choice of colours

Sony ericsson mix walkman

In essence, the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman is a bottom-of-the-range phone attempting to climb a few places on the chart by bargaining on an old - and somewhat cult - brand. It's a feature phone with few features to talk about, and the main selling point (the music) isn't enough to blow you away.

We liked

We liked the inclusion of Wi-Fi, microSD and capacitive touchscreen. The external speaker is impressively loud, and the sound quality of the music player - even in the higher volumes - when using the provided earphones or our own was impressive.

We disliked

However, the touchscreen wasn't quite sensitive enough, the platform was far too buggy and prone to rebooting itself - too often we had to pry off the back cover and tug out the battery because the phone froze, or it decided to restart itself.

Plus, the key sell - the music player - was too basic in function to appeal to hardcore listeners. Or really, even those technologically advanced enough to make a playlist.

Final verdict

All in all, the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman doesn't hit the sweet spots of just enough features for the price. It's a laggy touchscreen run by a buggy platform, with bad browsing capabilities and a media player that doesn't live up to the hype.