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NewsLeecher review

Reliable all-in-one service

(Image: © Newsleecher)

Our Verdict

NewsLeecher is an all-in-one service with dependable Usenet access and a capable newsreader to boot.


  • Newsreader with search
  • Good binary and text retention rates
  • 500+ Mbps download speeds


  • Newsreader is subscription-only
  • Larger free trials out there

NewsLeecher may currently be a lesser known Usenet provider, but it provides a compelling service offering due to the speeds, retention rates (binary and text), and multiple server locations. It also makes a good Windows newsreader software available either at a bundled price or at a standalone price without the Usenet service. 

If you’re in the market for an all-inclusive Usenet service, you may want to consider NewsLeecher. If you choose the top-end plan called Ready-to-Go, you can try the newsreader plus the Usenet service for free for 14 days with up to 14GB of access. 


In terms of Usenet access, Newsleecher holds up to some of the best. You get unlimited access to server farms located in both Europe and the USA, which is notable considering that some providers’ servers are in just one or the other location.

Retention-wise, NewsLeecher stores more than 11 years of articles for all binary and text newsgroups -- noteworthy as it is not uncommon for providers to offer varying retention levels based on the type of newsgroup. Along with high retention, NewsLeecher has grown its retention levels for quite some time now, meaning that the number of articles you are getting increases over time. 

There are no speed limitations or download limits. Because NewsLeecher has European and US-based servers and supports 30 Usenet connections, you should be able to get a lot of bandwidth out of your account. The newsreader included with the bundled package option will help with this.

The software is well equipped and has the necessary features you need to search and download articles from Usenet. There is a SuperSearch area where you can type in a keyword, hit enter, and get a list of all results found based on your keyword. To grab the article, double click the result and the download will start.  

For more advanced users, the newsreader has the ability to import NZB files. Conversely, you can use the software to select articles and create your own NZBs. For those who don’t like to live inside their Usenet software, an automatic download feature is also available. 

Security and Support

VPN is not provided here, but all of your Usenet connections come with 256-bit SSL encryption. It is good to see it being included free, but this feature has become more or less standard with most providers these days.

In terms of support, there is a contact form where you enter your name, email, username, and software version (if applicable) followed by a description of your question or issue. There is also a NewzLeecher forum with how-to guides, FAQs, and even beta release notes. The forum is quite active with thousands of topics and posts. At the time we checked it, there were 40 active users logged into the forum. 

Final Verdict

Overall, NewsLeecher provides a good all-in-one Usenet package. The underlying Usenet service is good in terms of speed, server location availability, and retention. The software, although not free, is still decently priced and provides search functionality along with some advanced features for those looking to get more hands on.