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GoDaddy Website Builder review

Create basic to moderately complex business websites with ease

(Image: © GoDaddy)

Our Verdict

GoDaddy website builder provides some of the best web hosting features on the market today. You can start by building your website for free for an unlimited time. Upgrade your plan at any time to include your own professional email and ecommerce options.


  • Templates are easy to customize
  • Comes with an SSL Certificate
  • Experts provide additional feedback


  • Pay for email separately after the first year
  • Templates are difficult to find

GoDaddy is very simple to use and understand: to edit a page, simply mouse over a section. As it highlights, click on it. This makes it one of the easiest and best website builder platforms, and provides the tools you’ll need to quickly build your website. It’s drag-and-drop, so everything is pretty straight forward - text boxes have a little pop-up toolbar so you can change the font size, turn the text into a numbered or bulleted list, link to a URL, or bold or italicise highlighted segments. 

You can even create a banner to advertise a specific service or promotion. To make it fun, there are options to add seasonal decorations to it - winter gets a couple of snowflakes, spring has shoots, summer, leaves, autumn, falling leaves - and it’s even possible to activate little animations for those decorations.

GoDaddy website builder pricing

Here's a snapshot of GoDaddy's plans and prices (Image credit: GoDaddy)

Plans and pricing 

GoDaddy offers a free plan for an unlimited time - all you need to do is upgrade when you decide you need more features. GoDaddy provides four main paid plans for anyone looking for extra help with their website. 

The Basic plan is great for starter websites or anyone who’s new to web building. It costs $9.99 a month when billed annually. This plan includes up to 100 email marketing sends a month, 5 social posts, and 1 social media platform support.

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The Standard plan costs $14.99 a month when paid yearly. This plan provides more flexibility and space to grow your website, offering increased limits for email and social media, as well as built-in SEO options.

The Premium plan costs $19.99 a month when paid yearly and supports unlimited social media platforms and posts, as well as up to 25,000 email sends a month. There are also additional features, such as recurring appointments, one-time group events, payments for appointments as well as reminders. 

The Ecommerce plan for $24.99 a month, when paid yearly, expands on the above  by offering a range of ecommerce features, such as product listings, flexible payments and shipping, promotional features, as well as marketplace selling.


The interface is straightforward and easy to use: The ‘Pages & Sections’ menu is where you can add additional pages (there doesn’t appear to be a limit), or add a new section to a currently selected page.

By default, new pages will appear in your navigation menu. If your site is small, there’s no issue with that, but the more complex the site becomes the more unwieldy this menu will get - and you can’t create submenus to compartmentalise your pages. Thankfully you can choose to have a page not appear in the menu.


You can start right away: you won’t even be asked for any credit card information. Just click on ‘Start for Free’ and you’re good to go. You’ll be asked a few basic questions like the type of industry you’re working in, and the name of your business (with the types of features this service offers, it’s designed for small businesses and freelancers).You can also change the default theme - most look similar, with a few minor changes here and there. It’s great to just pick and choose a style that looks good to you, without having to worry about how to create it.

The e-commerce section looks pretty simple to use. If you’ve got a Square account, you can import your inventory from there, which would be an excellent time saver. But if you don’t, adding a new product is very straightforward. There’s a place for photos, a description, inventory, and shipping cost. GoDaddy makes it easy to sell both physical and digital products in this way.

The competition

Wix, Squarespace, and Google Sites are a few competitors to GoDaddy. However, not all web hosts offer a free plan for an unlimited time. When it’s time to check your work, there’s a ‘Preview’ mode which allows you to see what your site would look like either on a computer or a phone. When it’s time to publish, your free options continue since GoDaddy will host your site for you and give you a [yourbusinessname] URL. If you want to connect your site to a specific domain name however, you have to pay for the privilege

Final thoughts 

If you’re on the lookout of a service that allows you the flexibility and creativity to design your own web presence, GoDaddy is a great place to start. Even once your website is growing, GoDaddy offers a variety of plans with features that will help you manage multiple large websites. Most plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth, making it easy to keep adding updates, images, and videos. With a flexible layout that will look good on any screen, you should definitely take a look at GoDaddy’s web builder offering.

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