Withings Pulse HR is the firm's first dedicated fitness tracker


We've seen two new fitness trackers from Withings in two months, and the latest is called the Withings Pulse HR.

Following on from its latest hybrid smartwatch, the Withings Steel HR Sport, which was announced back in September, the company has unveiled its first fitness tracker that actually looks like a fitness tracker.

The Pulse HR has a rectangular design with a long screen, and is similar in overall style to the Fitbit Charge 3 or Huawei Band 3 Pro designs, rather than the traditional watch look we're used to seeing from Withings.

A lot of features from the Withings Steel line have been carried over here though, with the tracker boasting up to 20-day battery life, according to the manufacturer.

It features a heart rate sensor that measures your beats per minute during exercise sessions, and at 10-minute intervals throughout the rest of the day. It's water-resistant too, so you can track swimming as well as running and cycling.

There's also Connected GPS here, so if you want to track your location when you're running you'll be able to, although you'll have to take your phone out with you.

There are 30 different sports available in the tracker's multisport tracking mode, ranging from skiing to ice hockey and boxing to yoga. We don't yet have the full list of activities, but if yours is a popular sport there's a good chance you'll be able to track it with this device.

Finger on the pulse

The Pulse HR is also capable of sleep tracking, and will pair with the Withings Health Mate app to give you a full breakdown of your nightly data, as well as your steps and exercise. 

Most of your stats will also be available on the tracker's OLED display, although we've yet to learn the specs of that screen.

The tracker has a stainless steel body, and the strap is made of silicone. It's currently only available in black, although other color options – including the pink and grey options pictured above – will be available in January.

If you live in the UK, you're able to pre-order the Withings Pulse HR now from the official Withings website and Amazon, and it's due to start shipping on December 5. It will also be available in the US, but not in Australia.

The Withings Pulse HR price is £119.95 / $129.95, which is the same price as the Withings Steel in the UK.