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HD DVD to make one last plea at US Super Bowl

Is it finally time for Toshiba to give up on HD DVD?

Almost one month after Warner jumped on the Blu-ray bandwagon and the end seemed nigh for Toshiba's high-def format, it seems HD DVD is still in the mix. According to the company, Toshiba is set to make one last plea to worldwide consumers in an attempt to win their business.

Speaking to Home Media Magazine, a spokeswoman said Toshiba has purchased a 30-second advertising spot during the Super Bowl this Sunday to promote HD DVD and its own A3-series HD DVD players. In a move to remain in public consciousness, the ad will inform viewers about the format and entice them with the fancy design of its players.

Toshiba drops loads of cash for ad

The commercial, which cost Toshiba an estimated $2.7 million (£1.35 million), is considered a final attempt to create some momentum for the format.

The spokeswoman declined to discuss the commercial particulars, but given the focus of the ad on players, some are speculating that Toshiba is simply trying to dump its stock before it concedes defeat.

Until then, enjoy the Super Bowl and look out for Toshiba's HD DVD ad.