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Blu-ray and Freeview in UK inflation basket

Blu-ray added to the inflation basket
Blu-ray added to the inflation basket

Every year the government puts together a theoretical shopping basket of goods which best reflects UK consumer spending habits.

And it's good news for Blu-ray fans as the next-gen movie format has been included for the very first time.

The 'basket' is split into a number of categories and in the technology section, the following are included: Freeview box, MP4 player, Blu-ray disc, TV rentals and DVD rental internet subscription.

"Trends in consumer technology often impact on the inflation basket and this year is no exception," said an Office for National Statistics spokesperson.

MP4 in, MP3 out

Interestingly, the technology taken out of the inflation basket includes standard DVD rentals and MP3 players.

Essentially, the Office for National Statistics will now monitor the price of the mentioned technology goods and see if they go up and down in these credit-crunching times.

Other goods in the basket are rotisserie chicken, plums and , bizarrely, a cat food pouch.