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Intel, Microsoft and Dell team up in a flash

Intel's flash chips are already used in the latest generation of Centrino laptops

Microsoft has announced it has teamed up with Dell and Intel to push NAND flash memory technologies into more PCs. The move is beneficial for all parties. Microsoft gets more people to buy Windows Vista with its ReadyDrive feature, while Intel can point to its TurboMemory addition in latest-gen Centrino laptops

The companies have formed the tongue-twistingly complicated Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface (NVMHCI) Working Group.

"Several NAND solutions are coming on the scene to take advantage of the ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive features of Windows Vista," said Bob Rinne, general manager of the not-at-all vague Windows Hardware Ecosystem at Microsoft.

"Standardising on a common controller interface will enable more integrated operating system support of these solutions moving forward."

Intel recently announced it had created a new company to handle its flash interests in cahoots with STMicroelectronics.