Vodafone wants to help UK SMBs get more productive than ever before

Vodafone 'Your Business Can'
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Vodafone has unveiled a new initiative – ’Your Business Can’ – designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises across the UK become even more productive.

The telecoms company’s campaign aims to streamline the process of acquiring digital tools to enable SMEs with up to 250 employees to improve productivity and cybersecurity.

‘Your Business Can’ comes in response to an internal survey revealing that nearly half (46%) of UK SMEs felt they could increase profits by making better use of digital tools.

Vodafone wants to streamline digital tool acquisition

The same study found that two in five (40%) admitted they currently lack the knowledge to get the most out of digital tools, highlighting a clear need for support.

Vodafone’s response specifically targets companies that want to improve flexible working, convenience, control and protection. Among the offerings featured under the new initiative, which is set to get its own TV and digital advertising campaigns, are Microsoft 365, Vodafone Business & RingCentral Unified Communications, Vodafone Business Broadband and cyberthreat protection from Vodafone Lookout for Business and Trend Micro.

Vodafone Business Brand Marketing and Communications Director Jo Wedlock commented on the simplicity of offering in-house and third-party packages directly through Vodafone:

“This campaign is a testament to our continued commitment to ensuring small businesses have knowledge of and access to the best solutions to help them unlock untapped profitability, efficiency, and productivity in today’s increasingly competitive landscape - all of which are available to purchase directly with Vodafone.”

The news comes around one month after the company announced it would be setting up community hubs to help IT experts establish their own businesses as part of a Vodafone franchise scheme.

More information on Vodafone’s business-focused products and services can be found on the company’s website.

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