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Microsoft prepping 'Instant On' OS?

Windows logo
Zero to desktop in eight seconds?

With the state of Microsoft's fragile ego these days, it's hardly surprising to hear that it's reaching out to customers to finally get some idea about what they actually want in an OS.

Among many MS surveys the company conducts during a typical year, the latest suggests that the company is looking to reduce Windows boot times drastically – possibly even entirely, if we're lucky.

Netbook experience

The poll, sent to a few registered Windows users, asks about the appeal of an "Instant On experience" similar to that on some Linux netbooks and Dell's Latitude laptops.

It goes on to say, in somewhat contradictory terms, that 'Instant On' would mean some key aspects (probably just the browser, we reckon) of a PC being usable within eight seconds.

Better than nothing

While that's better than sitting through a strobing Windows logo for over a minute, it's still hardly instant. Ah well – you know what they say about beggars and choosers, eh?