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Microsoft delivers a massive Windows 10 patch to fix early bugs

Windows 10

Windows 10 may only be a matter of hours old but Microsoft has put the finishing touches to a humongous Day One patch.

First reported by WinBeta, the day one patch is around 1GB in size and as such contains plenty of different fixes to last minute bugs that made it into the final release due to the fact they arrived too late for Microsoft to fix them.

The patch itself is a mere 500MB in size, however, this expands to the size mentioned above when it is applied and there are two different files that can already be downloaded depending on whether you have an X86 or X64 system.

You only need to download the files yourself if you haven't downloaded Windows 10 as an upgrade because the installation will automatically be updated to 10240.16405 as soon as you decide to make the jump to the new OS.

More bugs soon?

Releasing this patch hot on the heels of the OS itself makes it even less likely that any large scale bugs will affect the OS in its early days, however, it remains an almost nailed-on certainty that more small bugs will be discovered in the coming days.

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