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Microsoft adds new features to Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps - changes afoot
Office Web Apps - changes afoot

Microsoft has responded to feedback on its free Office Web Apps, making several changes and bringing new features into its service.

Office Web Apps have been accessed by more then 20 million people in the past 100 days, and 25,000 comments are helping Microsoft to shape the product.

"Since launch, we've been working hard to listen to you and deliver the features you need," said Jason Moore, Microsoft's principal lead program manager for SkyDrive.

"Starting today, those new features are available to everybody, including people who live in the new supported regions."

Open in...

The first new feature is the 'Open in [Office app]' functionality, allowing you to jump from cloud based files to your desktop Office apps.

"Since over 90% of documents on SkyDrive were first created in Office on the desktop, we hope this new feature will make it easy to bring your document back to your desktop for additional editing, said Moore.

Other noteworthy additions are the ability to embed Excel and PowerPoint documents into a blog or desktop, and the ability to view Excel docs on a phone.

"And of course, we've fixed bugs you've told us about, made improvements across the board, and generally improved the performance and reliability of your experience," adds Moore.