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Is BlackBerry branching out into in-car tech?

With Ford's help, can BlackBerry reinvent itself as an in-car software company?
Ford Sync powered by BlackBerry?

When was the last time you heard of anyone dropping anything in favour of BlackBerry? Quite a while ago, probably.

Well, it appears Ford may be on the verge of waving goodbye to Microsoft's Windows and and empowering BlackBerry to create its in-car Ford Sync technology.

Bloomberg reports the multi-year Ford/Microsoft partnership is coming to an end, with the automaker preferring BlackBerry's QNX operating system for the next generation Ford Sync system.

Ford Sync allows drivers to hook their smartphones, make hands-free, voice activated calls, have text messages read out, control entertainment content and other third-party apps via the AppLink tech.

N-Sync with BlackBerry

Ford's rationale, according to the report, is that BlackBerry's service is preferable on account of it being cheaper, faster and more flexible for Ford's purposes.

Bloomberg's sources claimed the deal with BlackBerry is complete, but hasn't yet been made public yet.

The news comes at a time when BlackBerry looks to capitalise on its valuable services and shift away somewhat from the hardware business.

Taking the front seat in all new Ford vehicles going forward would be a pretty decent start as the company seeks to find some way to stay afloat in the new era.