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Sony Ericsson's PocketTV breaks 2.5m views

PocketTV - apparently it's popular
PocketTV - apparently it's popular

Sony Ericsson's PocketTV experiment, a digital entertainment show for the web and the mobile phone, has broken 2.5 million views.

Sony Ericsson told TechRadar the programme, which is now in its ninth week in a run of 13, has seen an increase in views per week compared to 'normal' TV which usually sees an early peak followed by a viewer decrease.

We first brought you news of the show a few weeks back, and the increased popularity shows that online and downloadable TV content is drawing more of an audience than before.

Quiz in your pants

The show, which features a presenter talking to celebrities while wearing his underwear (quizzing in his pants - we love that title), was designed as free downloadable show for mobile phones via

But it was also extended to YouTube as well, where SE tells us it has been a big hit since its inception from 4 June.

As the UK's first YouTube show, there was some scepticism whether the format would work as users have shown that mobile TV has yet to spark interest among mobile phone users, with the Twitter feed for the site also growing quickly as the interest in PocketTV picks up.