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Rubin explains lack of Nexus One multi-touch

Rubin downplays the awesomeness of multi-touch
Rubin downplays the awesomeness of multi-touch

Andy Rubin, the godfather of Android deep within the Google mountains, has hinted at the reasons why the Google Nexus One doesn't pack multi-touch.

Speaking at the All Things Digital conference at CES, Rubin was asked why the Nexus One had such an impressive feature list, but no multi-touch on board, especially given some European handsets have been shown to support it.

According to Engadget, he responded: "It's not an America versus outside America kind of thing. It's a decision that is a result of the OEM model. I personally don't like two-handed operations... there is no conspiracy."

One hand good, two hands bad

While it's unlikely Rubin has the power to release a Jobsian-like command to the design underlings, it's interesting that he's downplaying the feature, especially as he has hinted in the past it might turn up on future models.

We'll have to wait and see if the UK version does surprisingly turn up with multi-touch - we wouldn't rule it out just yet, so keep your eyes open for our in-depth review.

Via Engadget