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Nexus One already upgraded to multi-touch

Google's Nexus One upgraded already
Google's Nexus One upgraded already

The Google Nexus One might have had a few niggles when it was announced - but Google has already fixed them.

The new software, available to those in the US (with the UK still not being given an official release date) will make the phone multi-touch and fix some problems picking up 3G signal.

This means users can now browse the web and photo galleries using pinch-and-zoom, which some of you might recognise from Apple's iPhone.

3(G) and easy

The 3G issue is also important, as it was the main source of ire from users unsure of who to actually complain to. It means the phone should be a little more responsive to networks when trying to connect to 3G.

And there are more little tidbits of fun upgrades we'll be treated to in the UK - such as being able to star items in Google Maps and access them on a PC, and see the maps in night mode too.

Google Goggles, which works by pointing your phone at things and getting information, will also be installed as standard - although we'd just kill for a UK release date and UK price at this point.