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Could the Nexus 5 have been called the Nexus G?

Could the Nexus 5 have been called the Nexus G?
Nexus 5? Nexus G?

Romeo Montague once asked "What's in a name?"... turns out quite a lot according to Google, as it appears it blocked LG's request to call its latest Nexus device, the Nexus G.

According to Korean media, the search giant denied a request that would have put the LG's second Nexus device in line with Samsung's second, the Galaxy Nexus.

Under the moniker 'Nexus G', the newest addition to the Nexus family would have been more in line with the existing range of LG Android products; the LG G2, G Pad and G Flex.

LG and Google, star-cross'd lovers?

As the Mountain View firm are keen to not show favourites, Google clearly preferred to keep the Nexus 5 in line with other Nexus devices, the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets.

So what is in a name? Would the Google Nexus 5 still smell as sweet as the Nexus G? Does it really matter?

It certainly would have made the Moto G make a lot more sense as the Nexus' little brother...

Via G4Games.