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Microsoft will fix Surface Pro 3's charging problem before launch

Surface Pro 3
A fix is on its way

If you're anything like us, you'll be glued to any new tech that comes your way until the power indicator's last flicker has you scrabbling frantically for the charger.

While that would usually have you up and running again in a snap, it seems that several journalists reviewing Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 have had a little less luck recently, with chargers refusing to juice it up despite being connected.

Acknowledging the issue in tweet, a member of Microsoft's PR team said that the company is aware of the fault and will be issuing an update to fix the problem before the so-called "laptop killer" hits the shelves.

Beefy battery

The Surface Pro 3 features Intel's fourth-generation "Haswell" processor and can reach up to nine hours' battery life, according to Microsoft.

In a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), the Surface team acknowledged that you'll squeeze roughly the same amount of battery life from the device whether you opt for the Core i3, i5 or more powerful i7 model.

It also played up the longevity of the Surface Pro 3's battery, claiming that you can charge it up to your heart's content (defined as, er, five times a week) for 4.5 years (or more), and it'll still maintain 80% capacity.