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Twitter client Seesmic snaps up

Twitter client makes moves with
Twitter client makes moves with, the social-networking service that allows you to post to multiple sites with a single click, has been acquired by uber Twitter client maker Seesmic.

The move means that the key people who make tick – co-founders Adam Duffy and Sean McCullough – are now part of the Seesmic board, which will undoubtedly make way for much Web 2.0 shenanigans.

Status update

For Seesmic users, the integration will happen pretty much straight away. By the end of January, you should see an update to Seesmic's myriad apps for, among others, BlackBerry, Android and Windows. allows users to 'ping' as many as 50 sites with status updates, taking away the laborious task of thinking of something witty to say for your different social-networking followers.

The list of social networks signed on to support range from the giants of the industry (Twitter, Facebook and MySpace) to the up and coming micro-blogging service ShoutEm and image based sites such as Photobucket.

So, expect some more ground-shaking Seesmic activity in the near future then. Sorry, couldn't resist that one.