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Stephen Fry tops 100,000 on Twitter

Fry - a Twitter proponent
Fry - a Twitter proponent

Stephen Fry's promotion of micro-blogging service Twitter has pushed him into second place in the individual Twitter rankings – with only Barack Obama ahead of the English comedian.

Fry has been a huge proponent of Twitter since joining the service. And now with the mainstream media finally catching on to microblogging, Fry's name has become intrinsically linked.

His often brilliant musings on his life has also seen him hit the headlines with criticisms of the likes of Windows Vista and BlackBerrys.

Tipping point

Fry appears to have hit tipping point on Twitter this year, being propelled from 50,000 followers to the 100k mark in a matter of days and with little sign of his popularity slowing.

For the record, Fry's 100,000th follower was Hayley Elliot – who got a personal message saying: "Hi there Hayley! You are my 100,000th follower! And I'm proud to be your first. Welcome to Twitter xxx"