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You can now ask Bing follow-up questions just like Cortana

Bing Search
The Shadow knows!

Bing is getting some new tricks courtesy of Cortana. The latest lets users ask Microsoft's web search engine follow-up questions.

Starting now users can ask Bing back-to-back questions to zero in on specific trivia and information. The Windows 8.1 maker gave an example of users who search, "Who is the President of the United States," then find out who his wife is, how tall she is and who's her brother.

It's a small but neat tweak that makes searching for information through Bing more conversational. What's more, it should remove a bit of repetition from having to type out ever query in full.

Chatty Cortana

If the feature sounds familiar that's because Microsoft has transplanted it directly from Cortana. This shouldn't really come as a surprise given that Bing powers Cortana in the first place.

In fact, this is the second Cortana feature Microsoft has copied over to Bing. The company also gave its search engine a new coat of UI paint in April by adding personalized cards first introduced with its virtual assistant.

Bing will probably never get Cortana's sass unless Microsoft integrates Jen Taylor's voice into the system, but it's a step towards making the search engine – and potentially other computing software – more personable and knowledgeable.