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Facebook ticks off famous people with verified pages and profiles

Facebook Verified
You're not real on social media unless you have a blue tick

With over one billion users a month, and over 83 million fake accounts, it can be tough knowing whether your online friends are real or merely a glitch in the Matrix. That's probably why Facebook has borrowed the idea of verified accounts from its social media nemesis Twitter.

Starting today, Facebook is in the process of giving blue tick verification badges to prominent public figures, including celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses with large audiences.

The update will roll out to pages, as well as profiles. Just like Twitter, there's no way to request verification, but the social network does offer the ability to report fake pages impersonating you.

Unlike previous attempts at verification, this time around Facebook is all about the blue tick badge, which is a huge relief, really. Because what's the point of knowing you're real if you don't get something to show for it, right?

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