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Microsoft rejigs Azure SQL plans, cuts down prices

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Price of Azure SQL plans going down

One week after its cloud service was hit by a major global outage, Microsoft has announced that it is tweaking its Azure SQL DAAS (database-as-a-service) plans thanks to feedback it received from its customers.

Ironically, one of the major points of the announcement is a new enhanced service-level agreement, across all tiers, which promises 99.99% availability (otherwise known in the industry as four nines) which translates into a maximum annual downtime of just under 53 minutes.

Better value

The other finer details include a price reduction of up to 50% across the Premium and Standard range coupled with a new hourly billing which provides with more flexibility, allowing customers to shift between service tiers nd performance levels.

There's also a new performance level called S0 which provides with more features than the Basic package (like standard geo-replication and standby secondary) while offering a much bigger database size limit (250GB vs 2GB) and twice the database throughput units at just over three times the price.