Huawei P30 Pro will have four rear cameras

Huawei P20 Pro. Image credit: TechRadar

The upcoming Huawei P30 Pro will have four rear cameras, a fact confirmed by none other than the company's CEO himself.

Huawei's Richard Yu posted an lovely image of the moon on Chinese social media platform Weibo – and on the bottom of the photo is a poorly-blurred watermark clearly saying 'Huawei P30 Pro, Leica Quad Camera'.

This revealing watermark seems to confirm rumors that the P30 Pro will have four rear cameras, making speculation that the P30 boasts three rear cameras seem pretty credible, as this would mean each device had one more lens than its predecessor. 

We don’t know the resolution of the various lenses yet, but previous rumors have suggested they won’t have anything more powerful than the 40MP snapper we saw in the P20 Pro.

Yu's moon shot. Image credit: Weibo (Image credit: Weibo)

The high quality of the image also appears to lend weight to rumors that one of the P30 and P30 Pro’s standout features will be 5x lossless optical zoom, which would let you zoom in closer to subjects without sacrificing image quality. 

The Huawei P20 Pro had a three-camera setup, and the inclusion of an additional snapper in the P30 Pro would maintain the range’s edge as one of the best for photography.  

What else do we know about the Huawei P30 devices? 

An earlier leak pegged both the P30 and P30 Pro as having a resolution of 1080 x 2340, a small step up from the P20 devices’ 1080 x 2240 if true. 

Before that, leaked renders showed the P30 having a teardrop notch, which would explain the extra few pixels if the dimensions remained similar – those renders also showed it having three cameras.

If those leaks were accurate it would seem the P30 will have a similar display and dimensions to the P20 – the main distinction between devices would be an increase in the camera technology, and previous tips suggested this was Huawei’s intent.

Huawei will launch the P30 and P30 Pro on March 26 at a launch event in Paris – we’ll be reporting on the event live, to bring you all the details plus our hands-on impressions of the new phones. 

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