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Nintendo is making a donut

Holey moly!

Nintendo has never been a company afraid of experimenting with unusual designs (remember how odd the DS looked when we first saw it?), but we're not sure to make of its latest idea.

The Japanese company is apparently working on a donut-shaped device, according to The Japan Times, which will use Sharp's "free-form" LCD unveiled earlier this year.

According to the report, the result will be a ring-shaped device with a hole in the middle. But while it speculates that this could be for a new portable console, we'd say it's more likely that this is Nintendo's sleep-tracking device.

Lightly glazed

Nintendo began teasing its 'quality of life' platform earlier in the year, and more recently spoke to investors about its sleep gizmo, which will sit on a bedside table and track the user's quality of sleep with need for very little interaction.

"We expect the [Quality of Life]-improving platform to provide us with new themes which we can then turn into games that operate on our future video game platforms too," said Nintendo CEO and president Satoru Iwata at the time.

"Once we have established such a cycle, we will see continuous positive interactions between the two platforms that enable us to make unique propositions."