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Is New Xbox Experience causing RRoD?

Is the NXE causing the RRoD in Xbox 360s?
Is the NXE causing the RRoD in Xbox 360s?

Has Microsoft's New Xbox Experience been bricking Xbox 360 consoles, causing them to die the dreaded 'Red Ring of Death'?

It has according to one unnamed Microsoft customer service representative, according to Gaming Confidential that published a quote from the "trusted source" that mentioned the "three red lights of death" claiming:

"Our department is bracing itself from [sic] irate callers after the update is released."

No hard evidence

Evidence, as yet, is thin on the ground, aside from comments from some angry posters in a number of gaming forums that claim to have suffered the RRoD problem following the NXE update last week.

Xbox Live spokesman Major Nelson said last week that the company was "aware some of you may be experiencing a few hiccups along the way", referring to the NXE update.

Microsoft, as ever, refuses to comment any further on the situation right now.

Xbox 360 has just turned 3 years old. Happy birthday, old bean! And don't die on us just yet! (Again...)