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Nintendo rolling in cash thanks to DS and Wii

Mario dances for joy - and well he might at £200 a second

Just like Apple earlier this week, Nintendo has wheeled out its accounting ledgers to give the world a peek at its bank balance and, we can tell you, it's stuffed to bursting.

The Kyoto firm's financial report [PDF link], which covers the final nine months of 2007, shows that the Wii and DS helped it almost double its profit from the same period a year earlier. Sales of - and, in case you fear a typo, we have checked this - ¥1.3 trillion (£6.3 billion) resulted in ¥259 billion (£1.2 billion) in profits.

Week's wages in a second

That headline sales figure includes income from gaming hardware, software and other popular products such as Pokemon goods. Breaking it down to more manageable chunks, it means Nintendo took just under £200 a second over the accounting period.

Looking ahead, Nintendo forecast continuing high sales for its games machines in the remaining part of the fiscal year. It expects the Wii to finish the year with sales of 18.5 million and the DS to hit 29.5 million units over the twelve months.