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Dunk driving: Rocket League is getting a basketball mode

Rocket League Hoops

I'm not what you'd call "the greatest Rocket League player that ever lived". Most of my goals come down to being in the right place at the right time, violently hurling myself at the ball and praying to the Gods of Physics and Geometry that it finds its way in.

That occasionally works out OK on the ground, but my airborne skills leave a lot more to be desired - which is why I probably don't stand a chance in Rocket League's next mode: basketball.

Developer Psyonix teased the new "Hoops" mode, which will swap out the football (or soccer, yeah yeah yeah) goals for basketball hoops.

Psyonix tweeted a screenshot of the new mode, which also joins Rocket League's ice hockey game, but that's all the information we have right now.

Better get practicing.