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Developers must forget the desktop to succeed in VR, says Unity

Lucas Meijer

Developers should forget what they've learned on the desktop when creating games for VR, according to Unity Technologies' Technical Director Lucas Meijer.

Speaking to developers at Unity Unite 2015, Meijer said: "With VR comes lots of challenges, not least that everything we did on the desktop no longer works.

"On a desktop computer having a button is a reasonable thing to do, but in VR is that the most reasonable way to present the choice to the user? I won't even begin on using a keyboard and mouse."

Meijer said that developers need to "fail fast" and "try different things to see what sticks" if they are to create compelling interactive games for VR platforms.


Open mind

He added that developers will still be figuring out how to replace buttons and other desktop-related methods of interaction years down the line.

He said: "If we're able to look forward in five years and see what kind of experiences and interaction models we will have with VR, I'm conviced these things would have yet to be invented."

VR is a new addition to the game engine's toolset. Launched in June, Unity 5.1 baked in support for Samsung's Gear VR headset and the Oculus Rift, which is due to launch in 2016.