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Microsoft: We expect Xbox One launch to be biggest in console's history

Xbox One controller
Microsoft feels in control of the Xbox One launch

Microsoft has high hopes for its next-gen game console, and from the sounds of it, the company fully anticipates the Xbox One to deliver.

"We expect the launch of Xbox One to be the biggest in Xbox history," Microsoft CFO Amy Hood said during the company's earnings call today.

It's really no surprise Microsoft is preparing for (or at least advertising) a big one with its third-generation console, though it does have the PS4 to compete with.

Hood said Microsoft wants its machines to hit multiple price points during the holidays, with a "great value offer" from the Xbox 360 and a higher-end option with the Xbox One. She essentially justified the console's more-than-the-PS4 price by saying it comes with a Kinect and headset.

We'll see if Microsoft's plan pays off at launch on November 22.

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