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Blizzard is hiring a Game Director for an 'Unannounced Project' - you're applying, right?

Blizzard is hiring a Game Director for an 'Unannounced Project' - Possibly Diablo IV

It looks like Diablo IV is happening, and you could be working on it.

OK, guess we should back up a little bit: a job posting on Blizzard Entertainment's careers page is looking for a game director with "a stellar track record of shipping AAA games" who can "lead the Diablo series into the future."

Though unannounced, it's not a stretch to think the project will be a new entry to the best-selling grimdark hack-n'-slasher. The phrase "AAA" tends to hold a lot of weight when it's the creators of World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and StarCraft, after all.

Even if the mystery game turns out to be just an expansion to 2012's Diablo III or some lesser-profile spinoff, another exciting part of the job posting is Blizzard's open solicitation for the position.

Sure, not everyone will be applicable - Blizz is looking for someone with at least five years of experience directing games with multiple AAA projects under their belt - but the chance for a fresh face to be at the helm of one of gaming's biggest franchises has us intrigued.