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T3 unveils Nintendo Wii of the future

Wii squared?
Wii squared? has shown off its artist's impression of what it believes the next Nintendo Wii will look like.

The funky concept art shows off a Wii headset and streamlined controllers; as the ever-popular gadget mag attempts to predict Nintendo's Wii 2.

"The technology industry has never moved faster," said T3 editor Michael Brook. "And some of the products rumoured to be on the horizon really are incredible."


"We've looked into the kinds of patents that the big names are filing and wheedled enough info out of our trusted sources to be able to predict gizmos such as our mind-controlled Wii console."

It remains to be seen if the power of thought will really be steering Mario around a photorealistic world in Super Mario Universe – but in the meantime we'll be enjoying the dream.