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Microsoft trialing ribbon UI for Windows 8

Ribbon in its Aer(o)?
Ribbon in its Aer(o)?

Windows 8 could integrate the company's successful ribbon user interface into the operating system, with pre-beta screenshots showing off the potential feature.

Windows 8 screenshots and revelations are arriving at a rate of knots at the moment, although key manufacturers are the only ones to have their hands on the latest code release from Microsoft.

The use of the ribbon UI can hardly come as a massive surprise, considering it has become a popular addition to Office since the 2007 edition.


The advantage of the ribbon are twofold – not only is it designed to simplify the menu systems but it also offers a much easier UI for touch.

So, it remains to be seen if the ribbon becomes a familiar everyday sight for Windows 8 users, or if the function can be toggled in order to be part of a more tablet-friendly offering.

Microsoft is working hard to make its OS friendlier for tablets – with Windows touch-capable but clearly falling short of an ideal option for slates.

Windows 8, as well as being capable of running on Arm as well as x86 chipsets, is likely to be a whole different ball game when it comes to tablets.

Via ZDNet