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Microsoft launches 'Live Mesh' service in San Fran

Microsoft unveils more on Live Mesh at San Fran's Web 2.0 Expo

More news on Microsoft’s Live Mesh service from this week’s Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, with the launch of the service that promises to finally allow you to seamlessly connect all your computers and mobile devices together on the go.

The service is currently PC only, yet Microsoft promises that Mac and mobile versions are due very soon.

5GB in the cloud

Each of your computers (and, in time, mobile devices) will appear as an icon in a Mesh folder on your desktop. Any data you place in a Mesh folder is instantly available across your whole network, including a ‘virtual device’ in the cloud which you can access from anywhere (with a 5GB data limit).

You can also choose to add other users to share the data you keep in your Mesh folder.

You can see a fully detailed tech preview at Microsoft’s site and read more on the Live Mesh blog.