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More Intel Larrabee details emerge

Intel slide shows cores
Intel slide shows up to 48 cores are planned for Larrabee

Intel has revealed more details on its Larrabee chip – which it hopes will take the computer graphics market by storm.

Intel's decision to move back into direct competition with Nvidia and AMD has caused huge discussion in the industry – with the chip expected to debut in 2009.

Larrabee is pitched squarely at the high-end market, although it will be trying to take advantage of the movement to repurpose graphics processors (GPUs) to perform tasks more traditionally done by the central processing unit (CPU).


Labelled as a GPGPU, or General Purpose GPU, Intel will use Larrabee to widen its focus from its traditional stronghold in CPUs. Intel's previous attempts at serious graphics chips garnered little more than amusement from Nvidia and ATI.

The team working on Larrabee is formed fromthose that worked on the Pentium 4 project, rather than the current graphics team at the company.

Details show Larrabee with up to 48 cores and Intelsays that it will provide a "massive increase in available computational power."