We're not the world's greatest fans of non-removable batteries like you see in Nokia's flagship Windows Phone handsets. So we're thankful that the budget build here includes a backplate and a battery you can get at.

You might think the 1400mAh battery will struggle to power the large screen of the ZTE Tania. But think again.

ZTE Tania review

We got a day and a half from it if we used it frugally, including no more than half an hour's music playback and another half an hour browsing the internet over a mix of Wi-Fi and 3G, shooting a few still images and videos, and of course taking advantage of mobile email.

That's not bad going in a world where the generally expected smartphone battery life is a day.

If you want to prolong battery life, Windows Phone has a Battery Saver option in Settings. This turns off some services. It also gives you an estimate of how much time you have left on the battery, which can be useful.

ZTE Tania review

Connectivity on the ZTE Tania isn't bad either. HSDPA runs to 14.4Mbps download with 5.76Mbps upload speeds. Our videos uploaded to SkyDrive in reasonably good time - though beware of data charges when you are out and about.

You might want to turn off auto upload and instead do it manually over Wi-Fi, which supports b, g, and n connections. There's internet sharing too.

Bluetooth 3.0 is here of course, and GPS gives you access to mapping and geotagging of photos.