Nokia X6 review

Will Nokia's much-hyped new music phone live up to expectations?

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nokia x6 camera

The 5MP camera is very good indeed. A pair of LEDs allow you to snap pictures in low light, and our test images show good detail resolution and a high degree of colour accuracy.

nokia x6

This is a reasonably well-balanced exposure – note the lack of chromatic aberration on the high contrast leaves behind the phone box.

nokia x6

Again, a good exposure with a smooth, deep sky, although the camera has struggled to resolve much detail in the shadows.

nokia x6

The camera has struggled a bit here. Although the exposure is more or less right, the berries themselves, and other highlights in the picture, have been blown out.

nokia x6

A tricky one to get right – a very wide range of brightness and the X6 has just about got it right, erring towards exposing the house correctly rather than trying to salvage lots of detail in the shadows.