The music player automatically searches any microSD card you insert for songs and podcasts and adds them to its library, integrating this with whatever else is already on the handset. With content duly processed, you get a scrollable carousel of your library. Tap anything to play it.

The player looks quite cool on screen and sound quality from the handset speaker is great. It's loud and perfectly good enough to listen to without feeling your ears are being assaulted by a set of stones grinding together. Plug a decent pair of headphones into the top-mounted 3.5mm slot and, again, the quality is impressive.

Nokia c7 review

There is an equaliser, but it doesn't have a huge number of presets and you can't save a personalised one. There's an FM transmitter too and this worked perfectly well, sending tracks to various radios we tested with no problems (with track listings even showing up as RDS info where applicable).

Nokia c7 review

The FM radio autoscans for stations the first time you run it and saves what it can find, which in our case was a hearty 19. You can scroll through stations by panning left and right.

Nokia c7 review

Where the wide, narrow screen might not be best suited to web browsing, it comes into its own for video playback. We were able to watch a good range of movie trailers and other video content we'd downloaded. Again, sound quality was pretty decent too.

The C7 can support a wide variety of video formats, including MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV, all of which look nice on the ClearBlack OLED screen and offer a fairly decent movie-watching experience.