Nokia C3 review

Does the low cost Nokia C3 offer great value for money?

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Battery life isn't as good as we'd have liked. On one occasion we dipped from three bars of charge to one bar in two hours of use, though we did have Wi-Fi on during this period.

Nokia suggests eight hours of talk and 500 hours on standby with 30 hours of music playback if you have the phone offline. We can't help wondering why anybody would choose to have the phone offline unless required to, though.

Our real world testing suggests you might get two days out of the Nokia C3 but would be advised to budget for daily charging.

Nokia c3


The organiser features on the Nokia C3 aren't as expansive as the set you get with a Nokia handset running Symbian S60. Still, they're okay if your ambitions are limited just to keeping tabs on your diary and to dos without recourse to too much fancy stuff.

Nokia c3

The Calendar enables you to organise your time by putting little notes against dates. You can add reminders, meetings, scheduled calls, birthdays and anniversaries.

Nokia c3

The notes are displayed next to a monthly or weekly view of the calendar and you can set audible alarms for them to make sure you don't miss anything important.

Nokia c3

To-do list items are stowed away on a sub-menu of the calendar and they're also to be found separately hidden away in the Applications folder, which you can drill down to from the main menu.

The Applications folder also stores a calculator, notes app, stopwatch and another route into that handy countdown timer we mentioned earlier.

Come to the countdown timer via this route and in addition to a straight countdown you also get a somewhat more sophisticated interval timer, which you can use to save ten separate timers in a group.

Nokia c3