Nokia 6700 Slide review

Does Nokia's plastic slider smartphone justify the price tag?

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Nokia 6700 slide

The 5-megapixel camera shoots a reasonably nice picture outdoors. It doesn't do as well as we might have liked when there are wide variances of light and shade, but then very few phone cameras do.

Nokia 6700 slide

OUTDOORS: Photographed on a bright day when the sky behind was cloudy, but not as grey as the shot suggests, the camera has captured a fair amount of detail but everything looks more washed out than it does in real life

Nokia 6700 slide

FOCUS: The camera does well here, capturing the reflections in the water nicely and managing the multiple green shades well. But with the focus setting on automatic it has decided to focus on the foreground and not on the bridge, which is what we really wanted

Nokia 6700 slide

INDOORS: With the flash on, things can get over exposed very easily. The cat is ginger, not orange, and his eyes most certainly aren't blue. The camera didn't do well with moving images, offering blurred photographs of anything that moved.

Video is captured at 640 x 480 15 frames per second or 320 x 240 at 30 frames per second.

Even at the higher resolution but lower frame rate option, videos are reasonably good – the flow of the water in the sample is captured nicely, for example. But behind this, the movement of the trees is rather unsatisfactory.