LG Town review

QWERTY messager at a ridiculously low price

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Messaging is at the core of the LG Town GT350, and you've got that keyboard to help out. The keyboard is an absolute delight to use – much better quality than it looks, to be honest.

LG town gt350

The keys are small, and you'll need to use fingertips if your hands are middling-to-large sized, but they feel responsive under the fingers.

Some will argue they're a bit too tight to press easily, but that's subjective and we like that firm feel.

LG has found room for a good few shortcuts on the keyboard too, including one that takes you straight to messaging, one for Windows Live and Yahoo Messenger instant messaging, one for mobile email, one for Facebook and one for the web browser.

In addition there is a small diamond of arrow keys that you can use to move about within messages.

If you don't want to use the physical keyboard to write a message, you can tap at an on-screen one. The small size of the screen makes this a bit of a fiddle, but it's OK for very short replies.

LG town gt350

SMS messages can be seen in a threaded view if that floats your boat, and you can extract email and web addresses from the text of messages as well as phone numbers. It's all quite well thought through.

LG town gt350

LG town gt350

What isn't so impressive is that while there is a Facebook client, there's nothing for Twitter. No widget, no app, nothing. You'll have to get to that particular part of your social networking world via the web browser, and that might drive you crazy as there's nothing you can download onto LG's proprietary OS.