Video on the INQ Cloud Touch is, like the camera, not that impressive but good enough.

INQ cloud touch

We're talking a limited range of tweaking on offer, and only VGA resolution at the highest setting. That said, we're not sure most users would buy this phone for HD video recording, so it's hard to mark it down for not wasting resources on that when they could be better spent elsewhere.

INQ cloud touch review

And for those video naysayers, there's a little bit of customisation to keep you happy too: while all the videos are encoded in the 3GPP container, you can specify output to MPEG-4, H.263 or H.264, with a multitude of audio encodes on offer too to spice things up.

Add this to the white balance options and you've got an above average camcorder option - and that's all a phone of this calibre needs to offer in our opinion.


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