HTC Pro review: Comparison

The obvious parallel to draw for the HTC 7 Pro is the HTC Desire Z. It's also a touchscreen HTC phone featuring a keyboard, but this time it's Android 2.2 powering things and HTC's Sense UI is integrated more than it is the HTC 7 Pro's HTC Hub.

HTC desire z

Of course, the HTC 7 Pro also has competition from other Windows Phone 7 devices, including the impressive HTC HD7 for those who want a larger screen. The Samsung Omnia 7 features a stunning AMOLED screen, so is ideal for media watchers, while those on a budget would do well to look at the HTC 7 Trophy.

HTC hd7

If it's the keyboard you're most keen on, BlackBerry phones have always been a great option, and the BlackBerry Torch offers a similar touchscreen/keyboard combo to the HTC 7 Pro.

Blackberry torch

The Palm Pre 2 is also a fine option, though the HP Pre 3 (keep up with the name changes!) is set for release this summer, and should be a marked improvement.

Palm pre 2