Sony kdl 55hx823

Offering a slinky, slim design, a versatile attitude to multimedia and online content galore, this high-spec LED-backlit LCD TV from Sony is nevertheless an expensive option.

We liked

The huge 55-inch size of the Sony KDL-55HX823 is hard to miss, although that could theoretically bring problems for watching YouTube and similar online videos. It doesn't prove troublesome though, thanks to some superb X-Reality PRO upscaling.

Film and TV in 2D sparkles and 3D is clean and convincing, with 400Hz tech chipping in. The presence of BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 and a 3D showcase app are welcome, too. The Freeview HD interface, meanwhile, is the finest around. Period.

We disliked

That 3D app is primarily an advert for Sony, which is hard to stomach when you've just spent this kind of money on one of its products.

Ultimate black levels could be more convincing, while scrolling along the central user interface to locate specific services or inputs can be a little tiresome.

We've also got a sense that what we're being asked to pay for here is slimness; there are 3D plasma TVs out there that are just as capable, and much cheaper – and only a little fatter.

Final verdict

With smooth and clear 3D that isn't blighted by crosstalk, blur-free 2D detail and a packed and nicely upscaled Bravia Internet Video smart TV service, this 55-inch LED-backlit LCD TV hugely impresses.

Whether it's more capable than a much cheaper plasma TV is questionable, but one thing is for sure; the remarkably slim Sony KDL-55HX823 blurs the lines between the two technologies with rare sharpness.