Video in your lightswitch?

OLEDs: they can do ANYTHING

The world of technology just loves to converge. An alarm clock? That needs a bacon fryer. A spoon? That needs a heater on the back to keep tea warm when stirring.

But the humble switch seemed pretty well taken care of. It went on, so did the lights. Off, and suddenly you couldn't see.

Now NKK Switches have released the OLED Smartswitch and SmartDisplay, as it believes the humble on / off-er needs an update.

Magic buttons

These programmable switches offer the chance to have video in your switch, so should you want to watch a few minutes of EastEnders before bed, don't turn on the TV…watch a switch.

OK, that's not really what they're meant for, instead you can programme a set of on off buttons with changeable function, and having video means a better explanation of what it does.

The OLED SmartSwitch and SmartDisplay feature a programmable and changeable OLED module with 65,536 colors in 16 bit mode, and 256 colors in 8 bit mode.

It probably costs more than a teeny LCD and is ultimately a bit high end for most people…but that doesn't stop it being valid, people.


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