15 great Christmas gadgets for under £30

TechRadar Choice: The best budget gadgets this Christmas

lego USB

Buying for discerning tech savvy people can be an expensive pastime.

And the latest top gadgets such as the iPod Touch, HD video cameras or Blu-ray players can set you back hundreds of pounds.

This year don't fill your loved one's stockings with novelty mouse mats and USB mug warmers, as there's a world of great technology which can be bought on the tightest of budgets.

To help we have racked our brains to find 15 great gadgets under £30 which are guaranteed to impress the most discerning techie.

From fun-filled toys to must-have tech, it's not hard to find a gift which is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the geek who has it all, and not cost you an arm and a leg.

xbox1. Xbox 360 Wired Pad - £19.98 Amazon

The best controllers on the market, the Xbox 360 wired pad is 100 per cent compatible with Windows PCs, and is a must-have for any gamer this Christmas.

Not only does it marry ultimate comfort and build quality, but all the latest Games for Windows titles automatically recognise it.

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webcam2. Microsoft 5000 webcam - £29.90

Web cams are no longer the grainy, pixelated rubbish they used to be, and the Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 offers great performance at top value.

The 1.3MP sensor means you'll get clear results, the camera automatically deals with challenging lighting.

Not only that, the VX-5000 syncs wonderfully with Windows Live Messenger for a seamless experience, which enables you to video call your friends and relatives all over the world.

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lego3. Brick 2GB USB Key - £24.95

Recapture your youth with this retro USB storage device in a Lego brick.

It comes in red, blue or yellow, fits into real Lego, and fits on your key ring.

Not only is it great for carrying data and building into structures, the USB Brick can also connect together with other bricks for a seemingly unlimited memory structure.

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4. USB Freeview TV receiver - £17.49

usbWatch Freeview on your PC with this digital TV receiver.

Just plug the small device into one of your PC's USB slots and you can access the full range of digital terrestrial channels on your PC.

You can take advantage of great features in Windows Media Centre, and use your PC as a video recorder.

It's the future!

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eco5. Eco Button - £14.95

For the environmentally conscious PC user, the Eco Button is the first gift which should be placed in their digital stocking.

The USB attached button instantly puts the PC into eco or sleep mode when pressed

So there's no excuse for leaving the PC on during extended coffee breaks.

Not only does it save the environment, but also a few pounds on bills as well.

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mouse6. Washable mouse - £17.99

Mice attract grubby hands, especially those of small children.

If your mouse is attracting more than its share of grease, grime and germs then the Belkin washable mouse is the ideal stocking filler.

It's a full two button mouse with a scroll wheel, which can be put under the tap, washed and reused whenever it gets grubby.

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rockstar7. Belkin Rockstar - £8.11 (www.dabs.com)

If you like sharing your music, then you need the Belkin Rockstar.

It's a headphone hub which accommodates as many as 5 pairs from a single MP3 player.

It doesn't matter whether you're going on a long train ride with a group of friends, or sharing in the school playground, it's the perfect way to enjoy music.

We vote they are given out free on buses - by law.

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nfiniti8. Buffalo Wi-Fi Nfiniti £26.91 (www.dabs.com)

The advantages of upgrading your home network to the new draft-N standard are indisputable:

Increased wireless range, eliminate problems caused by walls and faster speeds than good ol' Ethernet.

But the upgrade doesn't have to be expensive.

Buffalo has released this sub £30 N router, complete with gigabit Ethernet, so you can supercharge your home network this Christmas without breaking the bank.

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targus9. Targus Speaker book - £17.88

Targus has come to market with these fantastic battery powered speakers which are great for music on the move.

The solid exterior will keep it safe from knocks and bumps, it's light enough to be easily carried in your bag, and can be taken to the beach without running the sand lottery.

What more can you ask from a portable speaker?

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nike10. Nike+ iPod Sport Kit - £16.99

The perfect companion for any iPod owner this Christmas is the brilliant Nike+ iPod sports kit.

It consists of a shoe sensor which tracks your runs and transmits data back to the receiver, which plugs into both the iPod nano and iPod touch.

iTunes then takes that data and plots performance graphs and charts, and makes getting fit fun.

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pod11. Gorillapod - £14.95 - Firebox

A keen photographer should never be without this bendy tripod, which moulds to any surface for fantastic still life shots.

The tripod enables you to set up your camera anywhere and stay completely still, which is essential for decent night time shots.

There's also an SLR version for more professional cameras.

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sansa12. Sandisk Sansa Clip 2GB - £29.99

One of the best small MP3 players on the market, the Sansa Clip comes from fine music player stock.

For your £30 you get good quality sound, an intuitive interface, sleek looks and a built-in FM radio.

This means it's one of the few sub-£30 MP3 players guaranteed to please the ears and turn heads.

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canon13. Canon IP2600 - £26.91

Quality printing costs money, so this year get your photos printed on the high street for next to nothing and save even more with a bargain home printer.

The IP2600 is fantastic for all aspects of home use whether it's kid's homework or driving directions. Just don't expect quality photo prints for this bargain basement price.

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orange box14. Orange Box - £17.99

If you're looking for the best game this year, don't buy one award-winning title - buy three.

The Orange Box contains Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and the genre defining puzzle-come shooter Portal.

It may be a year old now but it's still the best value package this Christmas, it's packed with long lasting entertainment and guaranteed to please any gamer.

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henry15. Henry desktop vacuum cleaner - £9.95

Your keyboard is a haven for bacteria, and can provide a home to more germs than your toilet.

This USB vacuum cleaner can go some way to keeping your desk area free of crumbs.

It comes in a range of colours, and can go a long way to maximizing the life of your peripherals and stave off nasty illnesses.

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