Heathrow becomes UK's largest Wi-Fi hotspot

Surf the web, while waiting for your lost luggage

Heathrow's controversial Terminal 5 building has been given a web-based boost, thanks to T-Mobile. The newest of the airport's terminals has been turned into a massive Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Wi-Fi coverage is so big that it is said to be the size of 50 football pitches – making it the UK's largest Wi-Fi hotspot.

Speed-wise, users can expect to get up to 8Mbps, when they log their laptops on.

When is a hotspot not?

There is a price to pay, however, unless you are lucky enough to be a T-Mobile customer.

If you haven't signed up to T-Mobile, then expect to pay £5 for an hour's surfing or £10 for the whole day – just in case that essential bit of luggage never quite makes it.

If you are a T-Mobile user and log on via the company's High-Speed Uplink Packet Access, then you will also be given faster broadband at the airport – 5x faster.


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