Toshiba announces super-clear Cell TV

CES 2009: Separate box makes TV viewing crystal-like

Toshiba has decided to finally announce that its Cell TV - a content delivery box that provides crystal clear images using cell technology similar to that used in the PS3 - will be coming to market during 2009.

Tosh say it's the most advanced video processing unit that it's ever created, more than three times faster than the Resolution + unit found in the current range of Regza TVs, meaning that there should be virtually no artefacts.

The box connects to a 55in LED backlit LED TV, which will also be capable of displaying images in ultra high definition, and also acts as an HD server, connecting the PC and the internet to the display, creating what Toshiba calls a 'seamless network'... though we're sure we've heard claims like that before whilst we weep when the devices simply can't find each other.

Multiple HD channels

The Cell TV box also allows up to six HD channels to be recorded simultaneously... meaning that if / when it moseys over to the UK you'll be able to record nearly every HD channel going all at once.

The box will support DLNA as well as the forthcoming Intel / Yahoo! Widgets IPTV technology, so in the words of Tosh: "If you want it, Cell TV will access it for you".

We've seen less than impressive demos of Cell TV earlier in the year, so keep your eyes peeled for TechRadar's hands on to find out whether the bugs have been ironed out.

From CES 2009


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