PS3, 360 and plasmas are power guzzlers

Do not rely on standby, says new survey

If you want to save money on electricity bills, then you might want to make sure you unplug your power-hungry PS3, Xbox 360 or plasma television, according to a new Australian survey.

Or at least turn them off at source, instead of relying too much on stand-by power via the remote control, as the new study by Choice claims that the Playstation 3 tops the power-guzzler chart, with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and plasma TVs following close behind.

Costly, environmentally-unfriendly

"Leaving a Playstation 3 on while not in use would cost almost... five times more than it would take to run a refrigerator for the same yearly period," claims the study.

"The plasma TV set was also a power hungry device, consuming over four times more power than a traditional analogue set. The average desktop computer was third on the list."

The common-sensical conclusion reached by the report was that consumers should get in the habit of not relying on stand-by and instead getting up off the couch and switching off TVs and games consoles at source which “saves on money, not to mention carbon emissions," says Choice’s report.