Mark Zuckerberg makes credible acting debut in Facebook Home ad

Social networking overlord Mark Zuckerberg has taken centre state in a relatively humorous new video promoting the merits of the new Facebook Home suite.

In his acting debut, the Facebook CEO explains the importance of the launch to his employees, but they aren't really paying attention because, you guessed it, they're too busy using Facebook Home.

During Zuckerberg's pep-talk one employee in particular is distracted by his pals' squash match, go-karting and pool party shenanigans, while the now-infamous screaming goat also makes an appearance.

Facebook released the viral video to celebrate the custom Android UI's appearance on the Google Play store for select devices on Friday.

Zuck's performance has already gleaned good reviews with over 50,000 likes on the site, with 15,000 shares since it was posted late on Friday.

The same can't exactly be said about Facebook Home itself though. As of Saturday morning, 48 per cent of all reviewers on the Google Play store had awarded the new interface just one star. Ouch.

Via Venture Beat